Mother Nature’s Medicine Cabinet for Cold and Flu Season

Cold and flu season is looming on the horizon and as the saying goes, “The best offense is a good defense!” With so many variations of the flu virus and “common cold” at large, even the best vaccinations and due diligence may not protect you and your family from becoming infected, and it’s never too early to make sure your other forms of defense are ready. For those wanting to rely on Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet, there are several great herbal alternatives for not just masking symptoms but for restoring the body to its natural state of health. From personal experience, Yarrow and Elderberry are two of my favorites.

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To break a fever: Yarrow is known as a diaphoretic, or sweating, herb. Diaphoresis, or sweating, is known in alternative medicine and herbalism as one of the best ways of restoring health. Though running a fever is a cause for worry, especially among parents of small children, a fever is actually the body’s way of ridding itself of toxins and restoring circulation to its equilibrium. Herbs like Yarrow help bring a fever to its breaking point, where the body is rid of its toxins and equilibrium is restored.

The Benefits Of Almond Oil

Many of us know about the sweet and bitter almond oil, and the many benefits of almond oils in general, but of course our knowledge is very slim. It has many other benefits, although it is known to have special benefits for acne, face and skin.

For dark circles

It is used to get rid of dark circles and facial skin, but because of its toxicity, it must be used carefully. It reduces the dark under eye circles by rejuvenating the skin and discarding the excess skin created after allergies.

To get rid of worms

The bitterness of this oil is highly effective in killing infectious worms, but it must be completely in low doses and under the supervision of a specialist.

Fight against cancer

The latest research showed that almond compounds, including hydrocyanic acid can serve to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in some types of cancer.

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To calm the nerves

Bitter almond oil is considered as containing compound gluconate “Alomajaddalin” influential on the nerves and pain. It should be used for this purpose only, without external oral administration.

The benefits of bitter almond oil in weight loss

It has an active role in weight loss and detox, as it works on diuresis and thus rid the body of toxins, and works to lower blood pressure.

The benefits of sweet almond oils for skin

It has the characteristics of great benefit in cleaning the skin, and can be used to clean the skin and take care of it through many ways and for different skin types.

The benefits for hair

It provides healthy substances for hair where it works to improve circulation in the scalp and to produce stronger hair, as it adds sparkle and glow. Also, it serves to prolong the hair and treat itching of the scalp. It contributes to the treatment of hair loss and baldness, contains vitamin B6 and other metal elements such as iron, magnesium and unsaturated triglycerides.

The benefits for the heart

It works to improve heart health and prevention of diseases that can endure, as the content of fat and protein works to improve and regulate blood circulation, according to the Food and Drug Administration. It can be used as part of a diet low in saturated fat in order to reduce the incidence of heart disease, according to the National Institutes of Health. It is advisable to use almond oil for adults over the age of 18 years, about 30 ml per day.

Is Your Child Suffering From Fears and Phobias!

Fears & Phobias are something that can be experienced by all at some point or another. However, frequent occurrences of the same could mean that the person is actually suffering from a fear and phobia disorder. It is a known fact that a feeling particularly uncomfortable and anxious never feels good!

In the case of kids, these fears and phobias could get a little too intense and painful. Nevertheless, the only added benefit is that your young one can prepare to handle the unnerving experience and face life’s challenges without a hiccup in the future.  Mesa Chiropractor
Being the caretaker and guardian of the child, you should be well- aware that many anxieties and fears are normal. The dictionary meaning of anxiety explains it to be ‘apprehension without apparent cause’. This further broken down means, there is no real, immediate threat to the child or person yet they are surrounded by the feeling of being threatened beyond bounds.

Kids that have fears/ anxieties about certain things could prove to be helpful as they behave in a safer way than the conventional carefree nature. Kids suffering from these disorders go through a change in the nature of the anxieties as they grow:

1. Infants normally experience minor anxieties such as clinging to parents when confronted with a person they do not recognize.

2. Toddlers that are around 10- 18 months face another set of anxiety causing them to become emotionally distressed on having one or both parents leave.

3. Children around the age group of 4-6 usually face unrealistic fears about ghosts and monsters. Basically, things that do not exist and they’ve heard about or seen on television.

4. Lastly, in the case of children around the age group of 7- 12 years, face fears that are caused on account of real circumstances and situations that they’ve been exposed to. For instance: A natural calamity, a death in the family or an accident.
As kids grow and develop, so do their fears. Of course, many of which, are replaced by other fears or may at times disappear. If your child is suffering from a fear/ anxiety disorder, make sure to take good care and nurture the kid in a warm and comforting manner.

Parents can play a very vital role in finding the best phobias remedy for children. Do not try to tackle the issue without consulting a psychologist, as they are the experts in phobia remedies for children, freeing your child off all his/ her fears. Understand the fact that your child not only needs you, but also some medically approved remedies. Fear Remedies for children provided by these doctors are suggested after years of practice and experience and hence work better. Teach your child to be able to separate the real world from the virtual world and that fear is all in the head!